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Fierce Self-Care: Tantric Yang to Restorative
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Fierce Self-Care: Tantric Yang to Restorative
Session I. Invoking Durga’s Protective Powers

We are taking the Friday evening self-care ritual from bubble bath and pedicure to the next level. This 90-minute yoga practice is physically gentle but fierce in its intention. We will release stagnant energy from the past week through some movement with mudra (yang), and settle into restorative postures to move deeper into the breath, and invite the Goddess into the studio to help us nurture different aspects ourselves.
What is Tantra?
The literal meaning of tantra is “to weave, to expand, to spread” and the tantric approach to life avoids the painful and confusing dilemma of having to separate the worldly from the spiritual. Tantra sadhana (practice) reweaves the spiritual into the worldly through the profound practices of asana, pranayama, mudras, mantra, and visualization of deities.
Who is Durga?
Durga is the Hindu Goddess of strength and protection. She is mother and warrior, loving and destructive, beautiful and powerful at the same time, therefore symbolizing that we sometimes need great force for peace to prevail.
Who can join?
Everyone is welcome. You can be new to yoga and you don’t need to worship Hindu Gods and Goddesses. All of us regardless of age, gender, and origin need fierce self-care and invoke our inner protective mother to move safely through life.

ABOUT Mina Lange:
„Mina (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT)

Yoga to me is a multidimensional healing tool that I have been sharing over ten years of teaching and one-on-one as a yoga therapist. Asana practice felt like a natural extension of dance to me which has been part of my life from early on, but it is the inner work of yoga that has allowed me to move through the ebbs and flows of life such as grief, body image issues, and toxic relationships.

I have a non-dogmatic approach to yoga philosophy and I allow the teachings to crossover into other wisdom traditions such as Buddhism, Daoism, Kabbalah, and Shamanism when it resonates, while always emphasizing the importance of embodiment. Yoga does come with a cultural context that I deeply respect but the wisdom within it is reflected in everybody’s bones, muscles, blood vessels, and subtle anatomy we all share regardless of color or creed. “

Oktober 6 @ 19:45
19:45 — 21:15 (1h 30′)


Mina Lange


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